Why Accounting Internships Perfectly Compliment a Degree in Accounting

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There are many fine educational institutions across Australia that will provide a degree in accounting for those young professionals eager to earn their credentials.

Being taught the profession by lecturers and teachers who understand the craft is incredibly beneficial, applying these skills and sets of knowledge to assessment materials that will garner an outcome.

Yet there are men and women who do find the transition between the classroom and the office a difficult one.

Fortunately there are accounting internships available for these participants, giving them a chance to apply their skills to a real world environment.

We will discuss why these programs perfectly compliment the philosophical progression made at university.


Real World Experience

While the concept of ‘real world experience’ can come across as patronising to university students, there is truth for the necessity to understand a commercial environment as opposed to a lecture room. Many students will be able to apply themselves well and take to the new role, but the involvement of accounting internships for even a 2-3 week period can be enough to bridge that gap. The actions alone of waking up on time, travelling to the office, feeling comfortable in that space, working alongside professionals and representing the interests of the client cannot be replicated at university.


Encountering Challenges in Real Time

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Accounting internships are not always easy and seamless. There will be occasions where interns will struggle to grasp a task or reach the outcome that they were targeting. Rather than seeing this experience as a roadblock to their success, it will be overcoming these moments where real growth and development will take place. Participants need to have the courage of conviction to ask questions of their peers, to clarify information and to handle tasks that were assigned to them. This will push personal boundaries and help to shape the belief of men and women who would otherwise be untested in these scenarios.


Networking With Other Professionals

There is no substitute for networking with experienced professionals in the workplace. These relationships will help to ground participants of accounting internships, offering them support and guidance in a new environment. The program does not even need to result in a permanent full-time position for this placement to be considered beneficial, creating a series of contacts, reference points and sometimes friendships to help open a new door.


Helping to Shape the Accounting Degree

Often there can be a breakdown for those participants who are studying their craft at university level when they are trying to connect the theory to the actual practice. This is where accounting internships offer tangible assistance to shape the degree and offer points of reference. From applying themselves in the tax domain or assessing sets of data to shifting to audits, there are different facets of the discipline where the internship can shed new light on and provide assistance for the degree itself.


Confirming or Questioning Career Direction

The final benefit of engaging in accounting internships is that they will help to push participants in one of two different directions: confirming the career path or putting it into question with potential other professions emerging as possibilities. Either scenario is perfectly fine because it can be the lack of clarity that creates stress and confusion for university students, fearing that they are not applying their skills in the right direction. By being involved in a professional setting, it can help to provide that extra level of confidence that this is the right path forward. Likewise, there will be others who prefer to take their credentials to new industries, giving them the grounding to further their progression elsewhere. That is where accounting internships really do compliment the learning of an accounting degree.