Valuable Advice for Clients Meeting Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne for the First Time

crime being handcuffed
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Meeting criminal lawyers in Melbourne for the very first time can be confusing.

Amid all the drama of the case, whether it is on the side of the defence or prosecution, participants want to be able to find a resolution safely and promptly.

This first discussion is a valuable exercise and here we will discuss a number of key tips to getting the most out of this appointment.


Be Punctual With The Appointment

Time is money for criminal lawyers in Melbourne and in order to make the right impression, the participant should be showing up on time. This will help the individual to make the most of the time that is allocated as well as helping the specialist to provide as much information as possible during those minutes. It will demonstrate a level of respect for the process and a proficiency with time management responsibilities. Punctuality can be difficult for people who lead busy work and family lives, but these appointments are often difficult to book at the last minute.


Spare No Details

There is a general rule when it comes to constituents meeting criminal lawyers in Melbourne for the first time – the more information the representative has at their disposal, the sooner they can seek a resolution and establish a plan. Not all information will be valuable when creating a legal strategy, but addressing the ‘who,’ ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of a case will be beneficial to designing a framework. Solicitors don’t like to be caught off guard when representing their client, so it is worthwhile taking an approach where no details are spared.


Listen Intently To Their Counsel

The counsel that clients receive from criminal lawyers in Melbourne is not based on speculation and conjecture. It will be the basis of years of education and experience in the field, pointing them to a number of strategies that the individual will benefit from if they take the advice on board. They will offer an initial interpretation of the facts, outlining what opportunities or risks they believe exist. Some guidelines should also be a key consideration in these moments, creating boundaries and timetables that helps to identify expectations for the individual.


lawyerAddress Financial Matters

For many constituents, they could have reservations about hiring criminal lawyers in Melbourne knowing that they will struggle to pay for the representation. Rather than delaying matters, this is a subject that should be discussed during the first consultation, helping both parties to understand what is involved and how able the individual is to meeting these requirements. This is a flexible industry where different firms will outline their own financial policy. Some will stick to one model while others can vary from flat fees and hourly rates to retainers, a price commensurate with a positive outcome or working pro bono. Whatever the firm communicates in this instance, it is worthwhile taking this information onboard before taking the next step.


Establish Next Steps

While it is beneficial to broach these subjects with criminal lawyers in Melbourne, the client needs to understand what could and should happen next. There are very steps that the individual can take that will improve their case but many more that will hamper it. From failing to disclose financial details to the other spouse to speak with their legal counsel without representation to taking the children away from the home, they will reiterate what should follow in the coming days and weeks. This will help to take rash decision making out of the equation before working towards a sound resolution.


The good news for constituents who are meeting criminal lawyers in Melbourne for the first time is that they will be further down the road of their case for each additional appointment. The more information that is gleaned during each visit, the easier it will be for all parties to reach a satisfactory conclusion.