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The Role Of The Producer In Media World

Many people ask me what is a producer, or tell me that they are looking for a producer to finance their film … I realized that there was really a lot of misunderstanding about the role of the producer. It turns out to be my core business, and I did some studies in production management .

Finally, producer, it does not mean anything. You may have heard about the executive producer , the production manager, the executive producer, the executive producer, the production assistant … What are the roles of all these people?

We can divide production into 2 “families”  :

– delegated production

– the production direction

 1 / Delegated Production

This is what comes closest to the cliché of the producer. The executive producer is the one who is responsible for the good end of the film . Contrary to what we can believe, it is not the executive producer and his production company that finances the film. The executive producer participates in the financing by bringing money or bringing material, human resources, etc. His real mission is to gather all the capital that will make it possible to make the film: he will go to get the money from the public aid, the Regions, the CNC, the TV, perhaps possibly the product placement.

This executive producer is a little “big boss” of the film because he is responsible for his great end against the people who have invested money.

In the USA, it does not happen like in France; it’s complicated to make comparisons. The executive producer is more like the executive producer than the executive producer, but the executive producer is the one we imagine with the big car and the cigar. It is a cliché obviously, but it is the delegated producer who will carry the project from financing and who will work jointly with the director to give birth to the film.

2 / THe Production Direction

Here, the boss is the production manager; his mission is to enforce the work plan.

He is a technician, just like the chief operator or the first real assistant. He is in charge of all the logistic part, the “state” of the film and he must be able to hold the work plan (see a video on the work plan ).

Every day of filming costs money. On the work plan, we have X shooting days planned. He has to keep this work plan in line with the budget. It is usually him who will estimate and manage the budget of a film. He will dispatcher the money to all trades, he will keep cash for the unexpected, and he will cap all this small world. The production manager is, therefore, a technician who is in charge of logistics.

 What Is The Executive Producer?

In France, it is a kind of “super director of production.” It is used for example in the context of shooting with particular constraints. For instance, if there are 20 days of filming in a foreign country, an executive producer can be used because he is familiar with the terrain and the specific constraints.

We must have a lot of production skills, both in terms of “delegated production” and “production direction.”

If you want to deepen this notion of producers and production, I invite you to discover the category dedicated to all the production and financing part of a film on the site ”  Learning the cinema.”

At first, most of the shootings you will do will be self-produced shoots, with no production company or executive producer to carry the film with you. On self-produced shoots, you have a double or even a triple hat: you are a director, a producer-delegate (it’s you who will look for financing by alternative schemes: crowdfunding, associative aids, love money, etc.) You will also have a third cap of production director: it will also be up to you to manage all the logistics. In self-produced shoots, all stations have double caps. Your first assistant will undoubtedly help you with the aspects “director of production,” he will also be propped… In short, when you realize this first short film, you will be at the same time producer delegate, director and director of production!